The Earth Cube is a gama that contributes to keep Planet Earch beautiful, healthy and cean, to improve our behavior as individuals and collectively.

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The faces of the cube

Each cube has six faces. The Earth Cube in each face proposes a phrase to live.

Discover how:

Each action during the day has consequences!
It is not enough to think pro-Earth, make the move, act, and you shall see amazing things.

How can you live this phrase?

  • After using paper and plastics, do not throw them away! Transform them into new objects.
  • If possible, go to school on foot or using the bicycle.
  • Grow a vegetable garden with a friend.

Every person, each thing, exists as a gift to the others.
If trees are illuminated by the sun and streams get divided in glittering cascades, that’s a gift!
Only when we learn that everything around us is of value, then a deep respect for all existing things shall emerge.

How can you live this phrase?

  • As soon as you can, go for a stroll in the open and watch the beauty of everything around you.
  • Watch the rain and think that is nurturing the trees that provide us with oxygen to live.
  • If you go to the beach, stop to admire the sunset.

Each day is the right day to begin improving our behavior.
The world cannot wait any longer.
Try watching beyond yourself to improve the lives of others, too.
Act NOW!

How can you live this phrase?

  • Do some research to find out how to protect the environment.
  • After having lived one side of the Cube, tell your family and friends what you have done.
  • Make a commitment to help your classmates to correctly separate waste.

How shall we be able to live in a healthier environment?
By taking only what is necessary to live our lives in harmony with all the rest.
Before buying anything, think if that is necessary or if you can do without it.

How can you live this phrase?

  • Before going to sleep, remind your family to turn the computer off.
  • Pay attention to the food that is thrown away at home: perhaps you are wasting too much food?
  • Donate something that you own to a poor person.

The world is filled with amazing things: from the highest peaks of the mountains to the abyss in the ocean.
Which new natural phenomenon can you discover today in order to see the world with different eyes?

How can you live this phrase?

  • Be curious, explore and try to discover new things in nature.
  • Get a small telescope and watch the starry sky.
  • Watch documentaries with your friends in order to discover the beauty of nature.

Whenever anything happens, each of us, everything –near or far– suffers the consequences.
When a factory contaminates or a water stream is poisoned there is suffering all around,
and we are the ones to pay the price.

How can you live this phrase?

  • Take care of the flowers and plants that you have at home or at school.
  • Turn off the lights whenever you leave a room, if there is sunshine, try not to turn it on.
  • Open the water tap only as strictly necessary.

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